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A March PEW research paper on Mobile Phones shows that 46% of American adults have smart phones. Not just a cell phones, smart phones. That means more users will be connecting to their social media profiles, playing games, utilizing apps, and viewing your website on their phone. It means your nonprofit should run out immediately right now and upgrade your entire site to be mobile friendly, right?


If your nonprofit currently has a website, hopefully your web developer installed Google Analytics on your site. It’s free! Analytics will tell you how many people are visiting your site, how they find you, which browsers they are using to surf your site, and whether or not you have mobile users visiting. If you don’t have this data to start, you won’t know if the upgrade is necessary. If you don’t have Google Analytics or a comparable technology to gather these metrics, put them in place and hold out at least three months to gather this important information before doing anything.

Mobile Friendly Site vs. Mobile Friendly Content

What if you don’t have the money for web upgrades?! If your agency runs a blog or participates in sites like Facebook, Twitter, and/or Youtube, you’ve got mobile friendly content! This means your content can be consumed by your raving fans on their different mobile devices and you don’t have to worry about changing anything on your site. For most nonprofits, this makes much more sense from a cost standpoint. Make sure to post links to your social media sites and cross promote them. Different people love to engage on different sites. Make sure they can find you, share you, and continue to be your biggest fan wherever they want.

The mobile trend will continue to grow across age groups and household income. Focus on great content and telling your story effectively. See you on Give BIG Riverside’s Facebook page.


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